Dynamic Partner Yoga


Stay home, Stay strong, Get physical.

Build strength and flexibility in this dynamic partner yoga practice with simple step-by-step instructions from standing poses to floor work.
This course includes:

  • Full One Hour Dynamic Partner Yoga Course
  • Additional 25 Minute Version
  • 2 Minute intro on Breathing and Bandhas

Sensual Partner Yoga Course

During these unprecedented times, we’d like to offer a special discount of 40% off.

Stay home, Stay safe, Get sensual.

Sensual Partner Yoga is an exploration into intimacy while enjoying fitness, strength and flexibility.
This course includes:

  • Full One Hour Sensual Partner Yoga Course for beginners and intermediate
  • Additional 30 Minute Version
  • Dynamic Partner Yoga (original version) - One hour course plus 30 minute practice.



Who is the Dynamic Partner Yoga course for?

Dynamic Partner Yoga is for couples, partners, friends, yoga instructors to add to their classes, and anyone who enjoys or would like to try practising yoga. It’s been designed to suit people with a good level of strength and flexibility. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels will all enjoy learning and connecting through this course.

What is in this course?

Our original practice explores how traditional poses can be combined in a flowing sequence to capture the power of an energetic workout with the serenity of a gentle dance. Kate and Fiona created an intelligent step by step programme which is uplifting and challenging offering a unique and fun way to improve spinal health and overall fitness.

What should I expect?

  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Energising warm-ups
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Long Course (1 hour sequence)
  • Short Course (25 minute quick practice)

How do I access the course?

Once purchased, a link will appear on your order confirmation. This link is password protected, so click on the link and type in the password to access your course.

Can 2 people of completely different shapes and sizes do this?

Yes, you’ll both need to play around with the positions, find what’s comfortable and what fits.

Can 2 people of different fitness levels and flexibility do this practice?

Yes, you’ll both need to play around with the positions, find what’s comfortable and what fits and we have offered some modifications.

Can a pregnant woman do this practice?

Yes, but there are some positions not recommended eg strong twists or where pressure is being applied to the belly or spine.

……………………………………………….Fiona and Kate dynamic partner yoga class conferenceFiona and Kate dynamic partner yoga class conference

[Pictures from Dynamic Partner Yoga display and public workshops at London Yoga Show]


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